Losing a loved one alone is a traumatic experience. Going through the probate process to settle your family members legal estate can be an emotional and overwhelming process. Having an experienced probate attorney by your side to promptly navigate the estate administration and voluminous FL probate laws and regulations can ease this stressful situation. Let our firm ease your burden.

When you lose a loved one, there are a myriad of questions to which you wish you knew the answers.  To help you begin the process, we prepared a Q & A below that addresses questions that many people in your same position ask. We also encourage you to access the links below to Florida laws concerning probate.  It is important to understand that in Florida, there is a system of rules and guidelines that define the probate process. 

Probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person, paying the deceased person’s debts, and distributing his/her assets to the beneficiaries.  In general terms, it is the assets of the deceased individual that pay the probate proceeding’s costs, funeral expenses and then any outstanding debts they have incurred.  The remainder of the assets are distributed to beneficiaries with court approval.

Florida Probate Code can be found in Chapters 731 and 735 of the Florida Statues.  Rules governing Florida probate proceedings are in Florida Probate Rules, Part 1 and Part II (Rules 5.010-5.530).  For your convenience, we have provided the links to these laws and rules.

Florida Statute Chapter 731 through Chapter 735

Florida Probate Rules, Part 1 and Part II (Rules 5.010 – 5.530)


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